Swift Asset Services only employ dedicated professionals, usually ex law enforcement or ex military special forces investigators. We provide an exceptional service for commercial businesses or individuals by identifying fraudulent in-house activities including theft, embezzlement, money laundering or victimisation of any type. 
Our consultants are skilled in gathering forensic evidence to include in depth examinations of any kind of software or mobile phone including the process of de-coding corrupted data and the extraction of appropriate incriminating evidence.
We offer fraud risk assessments for all types of organisations, based on our tried and tested detection, response and prevention process.
We can provide private investigation services for fraud and blackmail victims including legal case support, loss recovery advice, financial analysis and investigation, paper trail tracking and locating or identifying suspected culprits. 
Our handwriting analysis service can determine if a particular sample of handwriting matches to an individual or was typed on a specific machine, which can be crucial evidence in proving fraudulent activity.
Swift Asset Services have direct barrister access who can assess and provide a written report if necessary, strengthening your case. This route is recommended, especially in complex or intricate matters needing very careful case management.
Our skilled investigators conduct evaluations of suspicious claims for insurance companies, backed up by surveillance methods, using the latest covert technology. This is of course conducted in an ethically sound manner, which takes into account an individual's 'reasonable expectation of privacy'.
Please contact us for confidential advice or guidance on our investigation or tracing service.
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​​ Our Investigation Services:
  • Fraud  Investigation
  • ​Tracing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Software De-Coding
  • Mobile Phone De-Coding
  • Private Investigation
  • Loss Recovery Advice





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